Community partner

As an environmentally-responsible company, it is our duty to look out for the quality of life of the surrounding community and contribute to its development.

By providing a solution to various contaminated soil management needs in the Mauricie region, Horizon Environnement has become a select partner in the development of this area.

Protecting quality of life

Horizon Environnement has taken care to establish the treatment and containment centre for contaminated soils in an industrial zone far removed from residential areas. In addition to ensuring the environmental safety of the site, the company has taken all measures to prevent any potential issues associated with this type of operation: noise control, dust control, aesthetic impact, etc.

In addition, the site is accessible via a network of highways and roads that bypass urban areas. Soil transportation can be done safely without going through residential areas.

Partnership with the municipality

Horizon Environnement feels that it is of great importance for the region and local community to benefit economically, and in various other ways, from its presence in Grandes-Piles.

The company has entered into two agreements with the municipality: the first provides for the annual payment of royalties to the municipality; the second concerns the establishment of a million dollar environmental fund. This fund ensures that the site will be maintained once its planned period of operation has elapsed.

Horizon Environnement also favours the use of local and regional manpower, goods, and services.

Partnership with research and academic institutions

Horizon Environnement partners with research and academic institutions at both college and university levels to assist in the development of new environmental clean-up and reclamation technologies.