A rehabilitation policy

Regulation respecting the burial of contaminated soils (RESC [French acronym]).

The RESC establishes the regulatory framework for safe landfill sites, encourages the research, development and demonstration of soil decontamination technologies, promotes the establishment and use of decontamination technologies, and creates incentive for soil reclamation.

Since it came into effect in January 2002, treatment of heavily contaminated soil (at a level exceeding the standards of Annex 1 of the RESC) is now mandatory.

Regulation respecting the burial of contaminated soils

Maximum-security containment is possible for soil with a level of contamination below regulatory standards. The strict conditions for the design and use of these containment cells are established by the RESC. To summarize, a thick, impermeable clay deposit is required. Cells are dug into this layer. The bottom and walls are then covered with an additional waterproof system consisting of two high-density polyethylene (HDPE) membranes. A leak detection system is provided to detect potential leaks and water is pumped and sent to the water treatment plant. When soil is contaminated at a level exceeding the RESC standards, treatment is mandatory before any other subsequent process.